church life

Life in any church has several common characteristics. This page provides information on several vital aspects of our fellowship. 


Our Pulpit:

The word "pulpit" refers to our church's key focus of ministry: the proclamation of the Word of God. 

Our pastors, and the guest preachers that we invite, seek to preach the Gospel with Christian affection and holy passion. Sermons are both evangelical and practical.


Sunday School Classes:

We offer Sunday School classes at 9:00 am on each Sunday, year round. From Youth to Adults. 

We usually cover large expansive doctrinal themes, with practical implications. 



We have separate nurseries for infants and toddlers (newborn to about 3 years old) and preschool to second graders (about 3 years old to 8 years old). Nursery care is provided by adult church members, sometimes accompanied by their own older children.


Music in Worship:

When it comes to music, we are not a church that embraces what some refer to as "7-11 hymns" (i.e., seven words sung eleven times). Although we respect the usefulness of such songs in other contexts, we believe that music designed for congregational worship should possess instructive lyrics and reverent melodies. 


The best use of hymns for congregational worship will include selections from all eras of the Christian church, including songs spanning across the ages, authored by Early Church, Reformation and Contemporary writer/composers. Selections will also vary from more personal, testimonial hymns (e.g., Fanny Crosby) to more doctrinal, experiential hymns (e.g., Charles Wesley).


Fellowship Dinners:

Once per quarter, usually on a Saturday night, we gather for a congregational potluck. We call this our "Fellowship Dinners." All guests are welcome to join us. We are very glad to share God's bounty to us, so visitors are not expected to bring their own dish, entree or dessert. 


Confession of Faith:

The creeds and confession to which we subscribe have a rich history in the Christian church. The Apostles’ Creed has been in use perhaps for as long as 1,800 years, the Nicene Creed for over 1,600 years, and the London Baptist Confession for over 300 years. And although the London Baptist Confession has been in existence only since 1689, the essence of the theology it espouses can be traced back to the French Reformer, John Calvin (1509-1564), and back even farther to Saint Augustine, Bishop of Hippo (354-430). When it comes to our understanding of the Christian faith, we find ourselves in good company.


Lord's Supper:

Our Church observes communion, or "the Lord's Supper," on the first Sunday of each month at 9:00 a.m. 

The elements our "Supper" celebration include bread (symbolizing the body of Christ) and "the fruit of the vine," (grape juice---symbolizing the blood of Christ). We believe that Christ spoke metaphorically when he referred to the bread as His body, and the wine as his blood. Therefore, these elements do not become "Christ" in the course of our observance, as some believe. 

Our communion practice includes an invitation to other sincere believers to participate with us.  

We welcome all who:

1.Have experienced the saving grace of Jesus through a living faith and repentant lifestyle;
2.Have professed their faith openly by becoming active members of a Christian congregation that embraces the integrity and authority of the Bible.

In saying this, we understand that exceptions occasionally arise, and we encourage any with questions to approach one of our elders. We will be glad to speak to you.



We are a baptist church, and, as such, we practice the immersion of believers. Nevertheless, the question of when and how to baptize has been a source of much discussion and debate throughout church history.  

Although we do not practice infant baptism, we know that many churches in the Sierra Nevada area, and elsewhere, do observe such practices with sincere conviction. While we believe that baptism (i.e., immersion) is an important practice with important doctrinal foundations, we also understand that Christians will still differ on many issues on this side of heaven and eternity, and that baptism is not excluded from those differences. For this reason, we gladly enjoy the fellowship of brethren whose viewpoints differ from ours on this issue.

If you are a new believer who is thinking about being baptized, we urge you to combine your baptism with a solid commitment to Christ through membership in a local church. Let us know if we can help you during the early days of your walk with Christ.


At Community Bible Church our desire for all who visit is that through the teaching of God’s Word and worship in prayer and song, you will be drawn closer to God.  The underlying motivation for all that we do is “A Passion for the Glory of God and the Joy of His People.”