2018 calendar



January 13th - [Youth]  Rock Climbing

January 19th - College Group

February 10th - [Youth]  Fly High

February 10th - [Women’s Ministry]  Bunko Breakfast  9:30am

February 16th - College Group

March 16th - College Group

March 24th - [Youth]  Laser Tag

April 7th - [Men’s Ministry]  Spring Bible teaching event. 10:30am - noon.

April 14th - [Youth]  Wasting arrows Tag

April 21st - [Women’’s Ministry]  Ladies Tea

April 27th - College Group

May 4th - Reno Aces baseball game (open to the entire church family)

May 24th - 26th [Youth]  Youth Retreat

June 9th - CBC Summer Picnic at Lazy 5 Park

June 22nd or 23rd - [Youth]  Hike

July 14th - [Youth]  Activity to be determined

August 3rd - [Youth]  Water balloon war

August 11th - [Women’s Ministry]  Craft day  10:00am

August 25th - [Men’s Ministry]  Fall Bible teaching event.

September 8th or 15th - [Youth]  BBQ

September 20th - 22nd [Women’s Ministry]  Women’s Retreat-Lakeland Village

October 13th or 20th - [Youth]  Game night

October 25th - 27th [Men’s Ministry]  Men’s Retreat-Lakeland Village

November 21st - [Youth]  Bird’s yard cleanup

December 15th - Church Family Christmas Dinner 

December 21st - [Youth]  White Elephant Christmas Dinner

December 24th - Christmas Eve Carol Service