What will you find at Community Bible Church?


Here is a brief "snapshot" of who we are.

We believe in. . .


• The Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit

• Jesus Christ: real, historical, risen and reigning

• God's Word: inspired and inerrant

• Human sinfulness: afflicting us all

• Forgiveness: through the blood of Christ

• Divine might: Nothing beyond God's control and care

• Christian fellowship: vital to our spiritual health

• Reverent worship


On the practical side, we believe that Christians should:


• Honor Christ by being baptized

• Obey Christ by keeping His commandments

• Unite with Christ by regular habits of fellowship with His church

• Worship Christ in Spirit and in truth

• Declare Christ by proclaiming the gospel

• Love Christ through sincere acts of devotion

• Seek Christ by turning away from worldliness


Community Bible Church is an evangelical and reformed congregation that exists to glorify God by Worshiping Him in Spirit and Truth and doing all things for His Glory.


If you have questions about us or the Gospel (Sovereign and Gracious Salvation through Jesus Christ’s work) please speak to one of the Pastors or Elders today.


You may also call the church offices at 775-358-8954, Tuesday through Thursday, 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.


Thank you for visiting CBC’s website. May Jesus be the diamond to shine in the center of your life.


Pastor Todd Musser


Pastor Keller Hackbusch

Pastor Akash Sant Singh

Church Secretary Cathy Morton


Deacon Jim Cordano 


Deacon Bill Sherman